Co-writing questions

I am wondering how co writing works? I was thinking about writing a new story, but I’d like so help with it, Does anyone know how it works, as far as credit for both writers, script work, etc.

That’s typically something you’d discuss in detail with your co-writer, because no two co-writers are the same nor have the same arrangement.

Awhile back when I co-write with a friend, we decided to have the story published on my account and have my Instagram added to it since my following was bigger and more likely to get us more reads. He also wasn’t as invested in the platform as I was and still am, so he was okay with being called a secondary writer because I wrote/coded most of it + the covers. We exchanged code through documents we could both edit, although luckily for us, our time difference was only 3 hours unlike most others.

Both of our instagrams were listed at the end of each chapter though and both names on the covers.

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