Coco's Custom Backgrounds, Covers and Splashes! (CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)


Hey guys, I’m back and ready to do some more art for you all! My other thread (you may have seen) I’ve abandoned as it was starting to glitch for some unknown reason :thinking: Anyhow, if you want a background, cover or splash just comment the information below :blush: Also, follow me on Instagram to see all the art pieces I complete and give me ideas :slight_smile: @coco.s_episode AND check out my own published story: Guardians

1.) Small or Large?
2.) Story Name
3.) Author’s Name(s)
4.) Provide a picture or detailed description of your characters and outfits (limelight / INK / Classic)
5.) A rough outline of what you have in mind
6.) Story description
7.) Theme - optional
8.) Any additional information

1.) Number of panels
2.) What’s happening in the scene?
3.) Colour
4.) Brief description of what you are wanting
5.) Any other requests or information

1.) Instagram handle
2.) Number of panels
3.) Theme?
4.) Any additional requests

1.) I will only make you cover art IF you haven’t requested it anywhere else simply because I don’t want my hard work going to waste.
2.) I am a university student so I won’t be putting aside all my time to do covers and backgrounds.
3.) Also, I can’t promise you that I will make your art piece so I will reply to your comment if your request has been accepted or not.
4.) Don’t repetitively ask how long it will be because I honestly don’t know - it shouldn’t take me more than a couple weeks.
5.) I cannot do realistic art!!!
6.) Give me credits in your story if using my background by simply writing: “background credits to @Coco.S” or if using a cover “cover credits to @Coco.S
7.) Understand that the art I complete for you will be posted on my Instagram :slight_smile:
8.) My watermark is going to be on all covers and splashes from the 15th of June onwards

Here are just a few examples of my work:

(CLOSED) Coco's Free Custom Backgrounds and Cover Art

Got any bkg examples?


Can you do large covers?


Only a couple. I don’t get many requests for them


sure can :slight_smile:


Okay so I would like to request a cover for my story.

1.) Small or Large? Large
2.) Story Name- Fantastical: Virtues of Destiny
3.) Author’s Name- S.Dsana
4.) Provide a picture or detailed description of your characters and outfits (limelight / INK / Classic)- It’s in Ink.

5.) A rough outline of what you have in mind-

Here’s the cover that I had small cover I want something like this as in giving a sad vibe but with this giving a mortified, scary vibe as if something is there that could result in a disaster.
Sorry if I am not clear let me know if you want anything else.

6.) Story description- Evil is rising, truth is surpassing, but what will happen when they find out who they really are? Is this going to lead to love, hate, revenge or magical encounter.
Choices Matter

7.) Theme - Sad, scary, mortifying
8.) Any additional information- Can you make a shadow like substance fall over them as in it is gulping them.

Thank you…
Oh… and you can add your watermark over the cover as it will be a large cover so I won’t be able to display it in my story…


Definitely accepted. Can’t tell you when exactly it will be done as I have an exam tomorrow and another in a few days time… but I will contact you if I need anymore additional information. Also, I love that cover :heart_eyes:


Not a problem.
I am in no rush so, please take your time…
Thanks, I had it done by @EpisodeAfra


Ohhoooooo these are really cool!! I will def be requesting soon!!


Glad to hear it :relaxed:


Hey, I would like to get a cover :relaxed:
1.) Small or Large? Small
2.) Story Name Fake dating
3.) Author’s Name(s) Simona S.
4.) Provide a picture or detailed description of your characters and outfits (limelight / INK / Classic) Limelight

5.) A rough outline of what you have in mind
I want them to hold their hands and I want it to look like she´s running away from him and to seem happy and he on the other hand almost crying trying to not let her go. The background doesn´t really matter to me bu they are supposed to be in LA so I want it to look like they actually are there.
6.) Story description- Cornelia pairs up with her ex-crush Christian to get her new crush, Alex. As she lives and spends time with Chris will she be able to keep Alex as her priority?
7.) Theme I said what I would like in 5.
8.) Any additional information No, I said what I wanted but I wan to add thanks for your time. :relaxed:


Hi Coco, I would like to request your creativity to create a cover for my new story DAIZEES. It’s a story about MC’s all girl rock band, their friendship and of course the MC’s love interests. What I am looking for in the cover is for it to feature all 4 girls but doing something other than standing which is the best I’ve been able to do. ![image|475x500]

MC is the one in the pink halter top and plays guitar. I’m looking for a large cover. Let me know if you need additional info. Thanks so much!


I’ll do my very best :slight_smile:


Can you send the photo again; I can’t see it


Could you possibly make me an end background with my avatar and my social media usernames :revolving_hearts: do you know what I mean ?


I do know and I can do it :slight_smile: Just fill out the splashes check list and your character and outfit details


Hey, thank you so much for the offer! I managed to have a small cover made for me but completely forgot about the large :slight_smile:

Cover: Large
Story Name: Two Faced
Author NAme; Vasney
Colour: Caramel
Brow: thin soft arch
Hair: diva curls black
eyes: round classic green
Face: soft heart
nose: perky
Lips: Classic
Outfit: Police attire
Skin: taupe
Brow: thick arch
Hair: Euro Style Brown
Eyes:Athletic round
Face: square jaw
Nose: Button
lips: classic
Basic jeans(black)
Basic sneakers (black)
tank top (cream)
Weathered leather jacket
Rough outline: Like an empty alley way/ dark train station with character 2 holding a gun at char 1
story description: Undercover agent Amelia is given a case to track down bad boy Elijah.However, Amelia finds herself in sticky situations when she comes to the realisation that things aren’t as easy
Theme: Suspense, maybe scary?

Again, thank you for dedicating the time to help others :hearts:


sure it’s okay but what do you use to edit covers and more?


Sorry Simona, can I be a pain and ask you to list the names of your character’s facial features… it’s super hard guessing by just looking at the picture :slight_smile: Thanks


Is that your work? In the bottom right corner, there’s a watermark. I believe it’s @stronglcve ‘s cover…