Coco's Custom Backgrounds, Covers and Splashes! (CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)


Hello, I was wondering if you can make me a cover?

1)Large Cover
2) (White)Rising (Gold)Star (replace the a with a star)

I want it to look like this, but I don’t want her singing instead, I want her just holding the mic to her mouth smiling and winking at the camera

Kinda like this, but I want her left eye winking and her smiling (if you can’t do the smiling then just leave her mouth the way it is!)

Story Description: Star finally meets someone that can free her from her unfortunate life, but at what cost? Join Star’s journey through the stardom and its troubles. Be careful what you choose.

Theme: Lively, Energetic, Something you would see at a concert

  • Info: Can you make her hair look a little disheveled like what a singer looks like after a big concert
  • Info: I kinda want it to sparkle with gold and white sparkles but not too much. Sparsely place the sprinkles over the image
  • Info: (This is totally optional) Could you make the background of the image a crowd of fans or something along those lines
    +Info: For her face, please don’t put too much highlighter and the shadow. Put highlight on her lips too indicate that she has on purple glossy lips. And (if possible) could you make dimples on her face and a small scar on her forehead

If you can’t do it then I absolutely understand!


Hey @KKwritesastory. I would’ve loved to do your cover for you but I am way to busy with my studies at the moment. I’m only making a cover for YanaRaeven because s/he asked before I said I was closing the thread and I promised them I would.

All the best with your story :slight_smile:


Woowow amamzing


Thank you anyways! Good luck with your studies!