CODE FEATURE: Better work with variables (text & numbers)

In the current code, there is very limited usage of variables. The int type (number) needs us to create whole character just to be able to use it, and the string type (text) needs direct interaction with user - either as input or as choice with literally stated possibilities. As a programmer, I find this very confusing and unnecesarily complicated. It would be so much easy if you let us declare a variable directly in the coding.

Either this way:

@number Money = 0
@text NominativePronoun = "he"

or this way:

@variable Money = 0

depending on if you use static or dynamic type control on the background code.
Then changing the variable’s value depending on choices, like:

@Money +100 (add/substract value)/ @Money = 100 (change value to exact amount)
@NominativePronoun = "they"

and the most important part, to use the variables in text, this way:

So [NominativePronoun] has [Money]€ on the bank account? Interesting.

It would make the storytelling much easier.




Support! This would be really helpful.

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