Code Glitcv - It shouldn't repeat

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So I have this major problem. There was a problem at the begginning so I deleted the whole code (after finishing one scene it repeats and then it’s ‘end’). Now, I wrote the whole thing again, and it does the same. I red the code line by line, and there’s nothing that should make it do that! Tell me if you’re willing to help and I’ll send you the code (I don’t want to spoil it for my - 75 :frowning_face: - readers)
Please help I’m desparate :cry:!

You can send it to me if you still need help. I will try my best😊

Did everything get fixed?

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No, it did not. Should I send the code to you, too?

Of course, I will try to help you in any way possible :sparkling_heart: