Code help again pls

Says co-ordinates can only be specified once but I’m not sure what that means

Could be the the command where you have put
‘To layer 2’ I think this should be ’ at layer 2’

Now it says these are not valid directions

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You need a space on the first one at loopAND
It’s arms_crossed_loop I think

That’s not working

in line 318 you see the animation is not highlighted green …its because you do not have space between the animation name and the AND behind it

in both lines you write moves at layer but the command is moves to layer

when you place overlay in one line with the background it is

INT. BACKGROUND NAME to x y z at layer n

while wen given layer command “moves”

you write moves to layer

lol it is actually a lot confuzing. :smiley:

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There you go! Sorry, my bad I’m glad you fixed it :slight_smile: I’m not always 100%, but I’ll always try and help x


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