Code help needed!


Below is the script i keep having problems with. Every time i try to preview it says
"FOUND "“hair” {“did you forget to capitalize the name or close () around the animation?”

“Skin Tone” {

goto femalebodycolourA


“Hair” {

goto femalehairA


“Eyes” {

goto femaleeyesA


“Eyebrows” {

goto femalebrowsA



Try adding ‘}’ before skin tone


As in:

}“Skin Tone”{


You don’t need the } before skin tone because it is directly under the choice. Can you post a screenshot of your script with a little before and a little after that piece of script?




Try removing the spaces between the closing brackets and the next choice label.


It just keeps saying the same thing :[ I think im just going to try and find a different template to use instead of that one thanks!


Get an answer to your question? :slight_smile:


I just ended up using a different template :grinning:


If you want, you can just ask for their name and then after that just use the code

@CHARACTERNAME goes to character avatar