Code is broken?

hi so my code is broken because for some reason, there are like 2-3 lines at the very bottom of the code that it does not allow me to edit? I can’t delete it, edit it or even touch it in general. What is going on?

(After the yellow line is the uneditable parts)
I already tried copy pasting it to a new episode, but the same issue keeps happening. How do I fix this?

Try double tapping or go to a new line then go back to that one

Can you use your keyboard arrows to move down?

yes it worked thank uu

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I had this problem too. And I think it was due to me not accepting cookies, so the warning "we use cookies blah blah) that’s usually shown at the bottom of the page was hidden causing the unreachable area. Does that make sense? :sweat_smile: So you’re kinda “forced” to accept them.

that was why the whole time?! i thought it was something wrong with my pc

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Yeah that’s my best guess. Because once I accepted them it was gone :sob:

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