Code question: if elif

Someone know if Can I have a if elif inside of an if elif?
for example

if (DESTINATION is “Go to the date”){
So how it went?
if (DESTINATION2 is “Mmm nope”){
The moment I saw him I ran away.

} elif (DESTINATION2 is “What could go wrong?”){
It was a disaster.

} elif (DESTINATION is “Dump him”){
So how it well?

I didn’t go to the date.

(it is good or i have mistakes in the coding?) i’m not a english speaker :pleading_face: i hope you understood me :frowning:

Yes, but all starting brackets must have a matching end bracket. So you need one more end bracket at the very end.

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omggg thank you so much! do you know how can i do it? or an example I can base with :pleading_face:?

Just add another bracket at the end of your code above.

omg thank you!! :heart:

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