Code Skipping Lines

I tried to preview this script and it completely skipped lines 87-91. I don’t know if it has something to do with the way i coded the script or if it is the program itself but it just skips all of those lines. Also there is a warning popping up whenever I save the code that says “use @character enters from x to screen y” for both line 87 and 88.

@cut to zone 2
@PAPA enters from left to screen right
@SHOOTER enters from left to screen left

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It works! Can you also help me to get the gun to appear? Thanks <3

You have to add a prop

@add Handgun to CHARACTER

Then if you want to remove it

@remove Handgun from CHARACTER

Thanks! Im new to writing code if you can’t tell :blush:

We all started the same :slight_smile: ask away if you have more questions

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My scirpt is skipping a line of my code, can I get some help please?
My Code:
@transition iris out 3
@transition iris in 2
@zoom reset
@ALYCE spot 0.494 208 348 AND ALYCE faces Left AND ALYCE is tinker_loop_rear
@AZALYN enters from left to screen center AND AZALYN faces left
&AZALYN is idle_rear THEN AZALYN is think
&AZALYN is talk_call_out AND ALYCE is shocked
It skips the part where I want Azalyn facing rear and then thinking, please help!

Use @ instead of &

It worked! :grin: Thank you!

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