Coder? Co-Writer? Help needed!


So, to keep it pretty short, I had a burst of inspiration (and a slight hyper-fixation on this app which I’ve loved since I was much younger) and now I want to make a story on here.

I should mention that I have a basic understanding of coding and am striving to be an excellent writer— I’ve written since I was in middle school (I’ve now graduated high school) and it has become a passion of mine.

I’ve worked hard to establish my writing style, and I would love to share that using Episode as my creative outlet.

… Keep in mind that I’m an adult and I work full-time. This is simply just a hobby to me.

The first story that I am interested in writing mainly centers around a group of teenagers finishing their last year of high school (which if this goes as I want it to, would be a great way for a potential second book to come out where said high schoolers enter college but let’s not get ahead of ourselves) and essentially what pathways they will take before they graduate.

I should mention now, I LOVE drama in stories! I definitely want this to be a very interesting story and while I do have my own ideas, I’m open to potentially creating a bigger story here.

So long as it doesn’t involve things like the mafia suddenly invading in on the story, lol.

I do want to keep this story realistic and interesting, though I may indulge in comedic cliches here and there, though honestly, it’s an Episode story so who really cares?

Anyway, I said I wanted to keep this short but I’m still going on without really speaking about why I’m making this post in the first place so let me just go ahead and get straight to the point.

As I mentioned, I have a basic understanding of Episode coding. I do not want this story to reflect my poor knowledge of coding, so I’m reaching out to see if anyone would like to collaborate with me on making this story happen!
I don’t plan on being charged for the service as I am not asking for someone to completely code my story, but I am asking for someone who has a better understanding of Episode coding than I do and who will be able to assist me in any questions I may have regarding things such as: How do I go about completing a transition? How do I make an overlay? How do I code a character holding an item?

… I’ll always do my own research regarding my questions but it’d be nice to have someone around who I know I can rely on if I don’t exactly find my answer on this website or any other social media.

I’ll be doing my best to take on the task of coding the story, however, a partner who can look over my shoulder as I do so would be greatly appreciated, is what I am saying.

If you’re also interested, I would definitely allow some co-writing!
As I said, I have a pretty good idea of what I want this story to look like in the future but I’m open to ideas that may push my story in a different direction for the better.

I want to make this an interesting and fun read, so any help I can get, I will take!

I don’t have any requirements, but I will say I would appreciate someone who is 18+ as I imagine my story may contain mature topics and I do not want to cause any discomfort to anyone since I am 18+ myself!

My Instagram is “saints.episode” which is my best point of contact!
If you’re interested in any of this at all no matter how small or big the contribution, feel free to comment on this thread or just shoot me a DM on Instagram and we can get this rolling!

Whether it be one person or a small group, I don’t have a limit on how many people I need!

Thank you in advance for reading through my blabbering, lol.


Hey, I’m interested in helping out here! I’ll send you a PM!

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Sounds good to me :o thank you!! :face_holding_back_tears:

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I’m interested in helping out, but I don’t have social media.

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No worries! shoot me a message on here and we can communicate here :open_mouth: thank you for your interest in helping me here!!!

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Hey, I completely understand you I’ve been writing episode stories since I was 14 in 2015/16, and since it was still a newish app the coding wasn’t that advanced and I decided to stop writing just to focus on my studies,
Now I graduated high school and Am currently 20 years old, I realized how much I’ve miss episode and writing, and being an active community member but the only thing is Advance coding is so hard to understand which makes me lose motivation to write and its been like this for years, i can’t understand coding id lose motivation to write and it sucks,

I even would pay someone to help me do advanced coding but I am currently jobless so if someone would teach me a few basic coding, like as simple as teardrop falling it’ll be amazing

Sorry for my blabbering.

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i hate to be this person but theres dozens of youtube tutorials, do you want me to link some channels?

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I feel you on that, I remember when Episode was still in that super old style and all I used the app for was to play “Campus Crush” :sob:
so sweet to hear that someone remembers that!! i was always interested in making my story i just never really got around to it in a serious manner since i was lowkey stupid LMAO

now i know my resources so im ready to have something that interests me and heals my inner child!

you’re just like me though! ill be 20 in February and i just have the craziest amount of nostalgia for episode again (seems to come in waves) but this time its kind of sticking?! I’ve been doing nothing but pre-planning on my time off of work for this lol.
advance coding is definitely something that requires a patient and hard working person— i tend to lack perseverance as well. since i was young i never worked on this aspect of myself so i understand the frustration and lack of motivation when it comes to tasks that require that patience and understanding.

my understanding of coding is kind of small— i know the basics of creating a story without any crazy movements so if you have simple questions like maybe “how do i change the scene” “how do i set a scene up with characters already there” or something like that i can definitely help you out! its been a while but i have old stories I’ve started that I’ve been referencing as they truly were the start of something that could’ve been more than it was…

if you could link some channels id LOVE that! i do have a playlist i started with a few tutorials i could find, but if you have more please feel free to link them to me!! thank you in advance!

anyway no need to apologize! blabbering is allowed in my corner of this website lol.

Hey, I’ve been writing stories for years and I feel like I’m really good at scene building and making the editing feel like a movie. with background characters, filters and custom backgrounds/overlays. Honestly I’d LOVE to help as I find coding more fun than storytelling/dialogue.

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Hey!! Ooh, yess!!! I would definitely appreciate some assistance in that department as I’m not well familiar with advanced directing!! I will definitely hit you up for some scene building/overlays :o thank you!!

I would love to help, I am an imaginative person and I’m new to Episode so working in a group or pair would really help! I am Irish though, so my language might be different to yours, depending on which country you are from! I still speak English though, so that’s a big help! :rofl: :joy: