Coder cooperation

I’m looking for cooperation. I’m very busy and that’s why my story won’t be published so soon. The problem is the coding. I’m an advanced coder but since I’m very busy, it takes a lot of time to code a single chapter. My request is if someone’s interested to work with me. I could make the story outline (dialogues, the whole scenes, narrations) and you could just code the story. I’ll give you full credit and you can be considered as co-writer. The coder has to be advanced. I’ve already coded almost 1 chapter. Thank you in advance! Let me know! my ig @episodemichaela

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Oh I would love to be your partner since that’s exactly what I was looking for! I always wanted to write but I’m bad at Dialogues so it would be really perfect if you would like to cooperate with me :revolving_hearts: