Coder/director looking for a script writer

Hello everyone!
I’m Ana, an author on the Episode Interactive app and I’m searching for a script writer to team up with. I haven’t been active in the community for a little while now, but I’m ready to get stuck into some great story making.

I’m good with advanced coding and use of overlays and I currently have 3 published stories on the on the app, one of them being, The Assistant, which was featured on the ‘Life After Love’ shelf earlier this year, but due to a lengthy struggle with writers block, I haven’t been able to finish any of these stories.
I have so many amazing/unique ideas but struggle to translate that into dialogue and character relationships, so would really be interested in working with someone who excels in that department.
I also have exciting plots for new stories (LL only), if you’d like to work on something new with me rather than one of my current stories and I’d love to hear from you if you already have a script that you’d like me to bring to life for you!

PM me if you’re interested\would like some more details or you can drop me a message over on Instagram if you prefer - AnaKay.Episode
If you have any published stories that you can reference, that would be a plus.

Thank you,
Ana x

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I’m interested in writing for you. I’m actually starting out, and most of my stories aren’t published but I can send you the script of somethings I’m working on if you’d prefer.

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Hey, I am an author on wattpad with a high following and love episode. I would love to co-write with you as I’m very talented in the character relationships department (and dialogue) I love creating unique stories that excel with an audience as they aren’t the generic, bad boy, pregnant teen kind. would love to be your buddy.
Get back to me whenever :blush::hugs:

  • Cheers, Emily
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Great! I’ve PM’d you.