Coder for LL and Ink Needed ASAP



Hey everyone I’ve been looking for a full time coders to help me and a few people out with our story’s

I’ve tried watching videos about how to code but it’s just too hard and complicated
It would mean a lot
If your interested please feel free to contact me and we can sort things out it’s for LL and ink stories

Writer here looking for a talented coder or just a coder
Coders needed please ASAP

Not to be rude, but why you guys don’t learn it yourself? On forums you can always ask for help :]


its real confusing


I’m also confused in some coding parts. But I’m always practising and seeking for help in the forums.


thats cool…i follow Joseph Evans on youtube he’s got good tricks and tips


I’ve tried ty tho


Are you still looking for someone?


Yes I am sorry for the late reply


That’s ok


So I need help with starting my story I already have a plan but I don’t know how to code it


Can you email me? There’s a limit on the forum as to how many times you can post. My email is


Do you have hangouts


No lol


Okay so I’ll just email you