Coder for my story?

I have some ideas for a story (Romance and Fantasy) but I’m not good at coding. Does anyone want to be my partner for the story and help me code it? Anyone is welcome if they are good at coding Limelight Stories.

I have very advanced scripting skills and have worked with people before. I worked with stuff like overlays, (tap the overlay to get an outfit) and so even know how to script start buttons you have to manually press, and I know almost all scripting stuff and have know this stuff for about 3 yrs now! :slight_smile: if u need help respond asap!! :smiley:

Yes please. My story is a romance about the Greek gods. The part I have trouble with in Coding is the characters moving. PM me if you still want to do it.

Well, I find myself pretty good at coding… And since I saw that your story contains Greek Mythology you triggered me bc I’m Greek… and I’d be honoured to help you with the coding…:blush:

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