Coder for story (12k+)


So I’m currently re-writing my story that already has 12K+ reads.
I’m also in a though year for school right now so have a lot of exams so I don’t really have time to code and direct. So I’m looking for someone to be my new partner and code.
The story is about a mafia family so it’s more about the family drama then the mafia but some scenes do involve knife throwing and etc.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO if you would like to be my new partner please pm me!
I”m 19 and my name is Leen

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What’s your story about? (Out of curiosity, don’t know if I will be able to help you in the end though. So sorry if I can’t, but I would love to hear what your story is about!)

Hi! I wanted to write a kind of action story but also drama and have always been obsessed with Mafia shows and movies so I decided let’s combine it. So I wrote Mafia Family I: The beginning
But unlike the other stories it’s all about the family behind the mafia and not about being busy with the new legacy and etc. So it’s all family drama

I see I see! it sounds fascinating. What kind of drama?

if you still need help I can help! :smiley: I’ve had lots of practice and I can code fast

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That would be great! Can you pm me?