Coder help: zoom setup

You know how in some stories the zoom happens and everything else slides to the side at the same time?
I was wondeering if anyone knows the code for that?

I think it would be like
@pan to zone 2 AND ZOOM on …

Thank you so much

I think you are talking about scenes where where characters (and potentially overlays) seem to move to the side whe you zoom in. If so, in those scenes, characters are literally moving to the side as you zoom in.

&CHARACTER walks to spot xx xx in 2 AND CHARACTER does it while idle
@zoom on xx xx to xx% in 2

The trick is to give the characters a non-walking animation while they are moving AND to set the same timer for both the zoom and the character’s movement.

When it’s time to zoom out, make the characters move back to their original spot.

Hope this helped :heart:

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