Coder here - does anyone want me to code their story?

I have an idea for a story but I’m struggling so much with coding and I was wondering if you could help. The story is called dischord (spelled wrong on purpose) and is about a freshmen girl in college who is trying to get into her brothers band. The best way to describe the vibe of what I’m hoping it can be is the music centered plot of glee (but less cringey) mixed with the character chemistry of shows like new girl. The over all plot is filled with a few love triangles, trying to make music while rebelling against the mainstream, and finding where you fit as a misfit. Might sound cheesy but its pretty hard to put into so many words just because I have so many ideas. Well anyways I’m not even sure if you’ll see this but please let me know if you’re at all interested.

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Hi I’ll see what I can do for you, but my hands are full right now. I got exams coming up so I won’t be able to help until I’m done with the exams. I’ll let you know when we can start planning stuff. Can you send me a private message so I don’t forget about you?

Hi! I just seen your post, and I definitely would love for you to code with me (collab) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: btw I’ll also make sure to shout you out when my episode story gets released! but could you help me with my story first? i need serious help! :sweat_smile:

Hi, is your offer still standing? If so please PM me here or on Instagram (my user is catgirlepi.)