Coder here looking for Writer!

Hi! My name is Idril and I’m new to both Episode and the forum! I would like to try my hand at coding, and would love to have a writer partner who has a story idea for 3-15 chapters. I can proofread for spelling and grammatical errors too, although I’m still learning about the community so I might not have much to offer when it comes to story direction. :sweat_smile:

Please let me know if you’re interested, thanks! :grin:

Hey! Are you good at advanced directing? I have a new story and I need a directing partner.

Hi! I’ve got complex branching and speechbubble placements down pat, and I’m currently studying/experimenting with zoom and spot. This will actually be my first time directing a story, but I’m willing to look up and research anything I’m not familiar with. :slight_smile:

Can I be of help ?

Hi! I already got someone, but thanks for asking! :slight_smile:

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Ok np