Coder looking for a writer

I am a coder, but am not very good at writing stories and plans. I am looking for someone to create story ideas and plan them episode by episode, etc. And I will code them into Episode Stories xx

I am open to many different people x


Dm me @catrina.epyy and we can talk

Hey if you are still looking for someone to work with my friend and I are looking for a coder! We have a whole story planned out but because of my schedule I’ve haven’t gotten the chance to go in and actually start coding and my friend is the artist so she doesn’t code! If you’d like to partner with us please PM me :innocent:

I am good at coming up with story ideas but I am bad at coding. I kinda have a story in my mind too…

I’d definitely be up to this!

I need an episode by episode plan and I can make it for you x

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Which kind of directing do you have? Because I’d be interested for my story :blush:

And about the Episode by Episode there’s no problem, I’ve everything already planned

I would love to!

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What do you mean?

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Do you write with advanced directing? Or simple one? :blush:

Advanced mostly. But it is kind of a mix of both

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Perfect, because for my story I used lot of advanced commands :blush: I could help you in case

If you want to have me write it, just PM me a summary, characters list and the episode by episode plan and I will code it for you x

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Ok sure, do you have Instagram? It’s easier for me to contact you there.
Plus, another thing, where do you live (just to know when you could be active) :blush:

Unfortunately I dont

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Australia x

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Ok don’t worry, so you’re 7 to 10 hours ahead of me :+1:

yep. Okay, pm me the stuff and I will get started. Once I create the characters, would you like me to run them by you

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What do you mean by this?