Coder Needed ASAP

I need a coder ASAP please PM me i need my story to be up today or tomorrow!

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I can try to help you

ok ill pm you

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hey I can help as well if u still need help

I do still need help butttt do you think you would be able to finish 4 episodes/chapters by tonight? :sweat_smile:

oh man NOPE lol I cant even get one episode done lmao I’m still trying to do my freaking episode and idek how to start it :joy::joy::joy::joy:


lol sorry but whats your episode about :joy:

I can still send you the script if you want to read it i dont really know how to summarize it :joy::joy:

ME but yea I :joy:

ok i will send it to you in a few minutes

Ill pm it to u

Hey if you still need help I can do chapters 30 mins each

Ok thank you Ill pm you

Ok xxx

In need of assistance I was wondering how to make a building to explode or how to code that??

Use overlays and backgrounds changing, it’s be pretty complex. You’d also want sound to add effect.

can i help you!