Coder needed ASAP!

I’m in need of an experienced coder ASAP! I have a story and idea that i want to publish on Episode but I’m not very good in coding… Sooo if you’re experienced in coding, i would love it if you contacted me and i’ll tell you my story and ideas.
Love Raven,

i would like to be ur patner

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I’m down i would like to help you with your story

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Hey, thank you so much for your show of interest! :blush: I just wanna know if you are experienced?

Does anyone want to be my partner

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I need a partner pls

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hey ! I’m writing a story but I’m short for ideas rn

I would like to help


I pm-ed you

Oh sorry I was talking to @stephanie9 :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

Yes I’m experienced

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