Coder needing a Writer [FOUND]

Hi there! I’m Kana and I’m a (somewhat) pro coder on Episode. I’m feeling a bit bored with the stories I have and would like to co-write a story as a new fresh start while I recharge my creative juices for my other stories.

I would like to state that though I will have some input in the story, I would like to be the full-time coder. This means I want an equal split where my co-writer becomes the main writer (they write the scenes, dialogues, etc.) while I take what they have written and turn it into reality.

I do have some criteria before I co-write with someone.

  • Has written a story before: I’m sorry to the first-timers but I really would like to have someone who has at least written a story and published on Episode (It doesn’t have to be complete). This is because I have co-written with other first-timers and due to their inexperience, I end up doing about 80% of the story and it no longer feels fun as I’m being pushed to do all the work.

  • Have discord: It’s hard to communicate through the forums and it’s hard to share files through Instagram.

  • Story has nothing to do with competitions: I would love to do this one day but not as my first time doing a complete co-writing project. The time restraint is just going to stress out both partners. And with the newest competition having prize money behind it, I don’t want any legal trouble if we make it.

  • Age 18 - 24: Sorry to the younger writers but I would prefer collaborating with people around my age group.

My coding examples:
(The first scene after the warning should give you a pretty good example of what I am capable of. It’s just the menu start of the story.)


I can help you if you need it still