Coder, proofreader, R4R, shoutouts, and splashes!

hii everyone!!!

due to the number of requests and dms i’ve received, i’ll be opening up requests for the following…

  • need a coder? i can code your story for you
  • need some coding help? i can help you out
  • need a splash done for your story? request away
  • need someone who’s fluent in english, french, arabic, kurdish, and turkish to proofread your story? right over here babe
  • want a shoutout on Instagram for your account and or story? i’m right here
  • you want to do a R4R? love that

all under 1, just 1 condition.

for a few months, @/haj_episode and i have been working on a new story in LL… if you’d like to access any of these services please send proof to my Instagram @/author.firee.

you MUST read at least 2 chapters!! you can read up to as many as you would like but 2 in the minimum.

if you cannot send proof on Instagram please do so on here, PM me.

I hope you’ll all find this helpful and useful, requests will never close because I make time for everyone and everything.

Have a great day or night, stay safe and wear your masks

xx fire


What’s your Instagram and the name of your story

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