Coder Wanted (Co-writer for Original Story)

I am extremely noobish at the coding aspect of episode but I’d really like to publish a story. If anyone wants to help me please let me know.
I would have artistic control over the story but I will accept input and criticism.
I’ve currently started an original (I hope) action story and have a collection of characters already so if you wanna see what I have before deciding to partner with me just send me a message.

I really hope someone is willing to help, I also forgot to mention the story is LL

If you are still looking you could check out my thread where I am looking for writers.


CODER looking for MULTIPLE WRITERS who need a full time coder for their story!

@Jiiri What is it you want to see exactly?

Does no one wanna help?

Hey, I’d be happy to help you out with your story, if you haven’t already found someone! I’m pretty good at coding.

I’d love to help you if your still up!

I’ll help! Send me an email with the data at