Coder Wanted Please!

Hi! I am looking for someone who can help me code a story I have slowly been working on. I already have a plot and I have a story line for the first few episodes. The story will be a mystery/romance and it is about a girl who’s sister goes missing but one day she finds a clue which implies that her sister is alive and well so she goes on a search to find clues which will hopefully lead her to her sister. The story does contain mature themes so if you are uncomfortable with this please don’t ask to help me code as they will not be taken out. Also it would be really helpful to me if when we are going through the story, you don’t mind me asking your opinion on a lot of things in the story as it won’t just be my story anymore it will be yours too and so I want you to be happy with the plot. This will mean you have to be honest with me no matter how ugly it is! Lol! Anyway if you could help me that would be great! :smiley_cat:

message me @awallsuthor on insta

I will thanks!

I can’t find the account can you try to find mine please it is @sophie_episode

I still need a coder

@Ryan please close this chat as I have a coder now :joy: