Coders Needed For Amazing Writing Group



Hey everyone!

“Being in this writing group really made me see that there was more to life than just chatting online. It gave me a unique perspective about how all people should be appreciated in their work and not just their IQ level. I love all the new friends I made here and I wouldn’t change that to go to some excellent coded group with ME Bots anyday.” -Luke

While these quotes will be true for some episodians there are still people out there shuffling between groups. It took me 5 times signing up until I found this group. Maybe it took you only 2 tries or maybe it took 19 (I have met a person who still hasn’t met “their” group after 19 tries!)

Welcome to Nightshade Novelists where we don’t judge you for being uniquely crazy. All the members here do have some mental problems (just kidding). We all have our flaws and quirks about ourselves and we want to spread the welcome mat to more people.

At this moment we are only looking for coders, but keep an eye out! We may be spreading in the next few weeks with artists and writers, too!

If you want to be in this amazing group of creative friends then just comment down below and fill in your deets.



A little bit about yourself:

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?:

Any genres you prefer?:

Your Instagram name or email:

What is your star sign?:

Your time zone and country:

We will message you on instagram with a quick, fun interview! Our only requirement is that you will be available on Discord at least 4 times a week

(We also understand if school or work gets in the way and makes it a little hard to be available as often as we prefer. All though we still need you to be ON. You can’t leave and come back in 3 months time. I hope this isn’t confusing! )

-the Nightshade Novelists AKA the PAALM gang. (Popo, Alissa, Anna, Luke, Mia)

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I love swimming in my spare time and also play epsiode
Rocky road
I don’t have instagram but my email is
6:54 Uk


-I spend about 75 percent of my time on my computer and social media 10 percent eating 10 percent sleeping and the rest video games and i like doing spot directing and zooms
-any kind but strawberry
-i like all types
-instagram: coookie_episode
-EST United States


Name: Alicia but most people call me Ali.
Age: I’m 20 but ill me 21 in may

a little bit about yourself: well I have a husband and a child. I enjoy reading, when I have the time. I also work at sonic for now until I go back to school for veterinary technician. also I’m bad a coding but I can make great stories.

my fav. ice cream flavor is cookies and cream

I love all sorts of genres

my Instagram: anime_episode_vader


I’m a Gemini

3:11 pm in the US or central america


Name: Anpo

Age: 15

A little bit about yourself: I like socialising. i LOVE debating. i don’t mind school. I love animals- especially tortoises. I’m food crazy! I am an only child and I have black hair (random but ok XD)

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?: EVERYTHING!

Any genres you prefer?: Romance, horror, comedy

Your Instagram name or email: I’d rather share my discord. If I am chosen, please PM me :slight_smile:

What is your star sign?: Gemini

Your time zone and country: Japan


I’m bookmarking this for when you want to add more writers! I have kind of got the hang of coding, but I don’t want to call myself a coder >.<


A little bit about yourself: episode is basically my life I’m very good at coding I’ve been coding for a long time
What is your favourite ice cream flavour?: vanilla
Any genres you prefer?: action and adventure
Your Instagraml: hx.episode
What is your star sign?: cancer
Your time zone and country: uk


I’m a bisexual, gender-fluid individual who loves to write
Pralines and Creme
Fantasy, Comedy, Sci-fi, Mystery
I don’t have Instagram, my email is
EST Canada


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