Coding advice needed

Hi I am trying to do a scene where my character has a flash back/recollection of a previous moment in the story.

Now my dilemma is I don`t know how I would show this in my story and what transition I would use.

Any advice? :thinking:

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so when doing it i would suggestion using a a fade out white tranistion then using the filters in the portal.

to use the filters you click where it show filters.

and theres already presets made
Screen Shot 2022-09-13 at 10.55.00 PM

for flash backs i suggest maybe using luminance

once u click that it will already put in a premade code

once you add everything underneath that to bring everything back to normal, all you need to do it write
@reset hsl


i recommend using the @fade transition rather than the @iris and using the black and white filter on the portal

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