Coding an UI in INK style

I tried using the “ui” command for my overlay but it didn’t show even when I set the opacity to 1. When I changed the command back to “@overlay” it became visible again. Could it be that the ui command is only available in limelight?

tag : @Dara.Amarie

Can you show your script?



&set hsl 0 -9 -45 no_colorize with blendMode Normal to 100%

&overlay LIGHT create
&overlay LIGHT opacity 0.5
&overlay 6269899488296960_LIGHT shifts to 5 293 in zone 1
&overlay 6269899488296960_LIGHT scales to 1.000 1.000
&overlay 6269899488296960_LIGHT moves to layer 3
&zoom on 139 390 to 106% in 0

&BG3 spot .882 136 194 in zone 1 at layer 0
&BG3 faces right
&BG11 spot .882 223 194 in zone 1 at layer 0
&BG11 faces left

&BG4 spot 1.459 138 -135 in zone 2 at layer 2
&BG4 faces right
&BG5 spot 1.459 275 -135 in zone 2 at layer 2
&BG5 faces left
&BG2 spot 1 -8 124 in zone 2 at layer 1
&BG2 faces right
&BG1 spot 1 98 124 in zone 2 at layer 1
&BG1 faces left

&BG8 spot .909 46 182 in zone 3 at layer 0
&BG8 faces right
&BG6 spot .909 121 186 in zone 3 at layer 0
&BG6 faces right
&BG9 spot .909 206 182 in zone 3 at layer 0
&BG9 faces left

&ui 4 HOURS AGO create
&ui 6269899488296960_4 HOURS AGO shifts to 36 361 in zone 3
&ui 6269899488296960_4 HOURS AGO scales to 0.188 0.188
&ui 6269899488296960_4 HOURS AGO moves to layer 6
&ui 4 HOURS AGO opacity 1 in 4
&ui PLACE create
&ui 6269899488296960_PLACE shifts to 67 366 in zone 3
&ui 6269899488296960_PLACE scales to 0.156 0.156
&ui 6269899488296960_PLACE moves to layer 5
&ui PLACE opacity 1 in 4
&cut to zone 3

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I’m not a pro but maybe remove the “in 4” as on Dara Amarie’s site the “ui” command doesn’t work with time…

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oh yes the “in 4” wasn’t actually there when I first tested it. I just copy pasted my code which now use the “@overlay” command and I forgot to delete the “in 4”

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You’re not seeing the ui because you’re using zones with it. uis pin themselves to the screen and act as if they’re always in zone 1, the default zone. If you move them to zone 3, then you’ll just never see them. No matter how much you pan or cut zones. Just remove the zone command entirely.


It does though? I use uis with time constantly and have never had any issues


Thank you for letting me know. :heartpulse: :grin:


oh my god you’re right!! I removed the zone and it worked just fine. Thanks for the help!!


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