Coding and Directing Help (calico.episode)

Hi Guys,

I’ve spent quite a lot of time hopping from thread to thread the last couple of days helping out as many of you as possible with coding and directing problems so I thought I would make a thread so I can see all of your problems in one place.

I’ve been directing and coding for two years, so I have relatively advanced knowledge - so if you need some advice or are showing any errors, just drop me a message below with your script, and the issue and I’ll try my best to help you out!

C x

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First of all thanks for this thread. Second I just wanted to thank you I don’t have a question right now but I will in the future. Thank you

You’re welcome :slight_smile: here to help :slight_smile:

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Hey @calico.episode. Thanks for making this thread.
I am seriously having coding problems right now and I was hoping if you could help me out :confused: :pleading_face: ?

Why don’t you send me a dm and let me know what you need some help with :slight_smile:

Can I like PM you so that I can send you some pictures?? Because IG and pictures doesn’t get along fine??

Yes yes, that’s fine!

Hi, @calico.episode
Can you help me?
Actually I want to introduce an unknown character in my story so I want a nameless bubble while he talks but then he will introduce himself and tell his name I want his name to appear on the speech bubble.
How is it done?

Also I want to know how can we shake the screen while my character say something.
I had tried out so many time the shake either happen before the dialoug or after it.
How can I shake at the exact moment when the character say dialoug?

So for this, where you create your character you need to change the display name to blank e.g.

Screen Shot 2020-09-16 at 16.40.24

And then create a second character with your characters name, if this a customisable character you can just leave the character at it’s default and then when you get into your script you can write:

Lets just say your character is called Bob and has his script name as BOB and your character that has no display name has a script name of BOB 1

You would then code:
@BOB becomes BOB 1
This will then basically make Bob look like Bob 1 if that makes sense.

If your character is non customisable, you can just create a second character and make him look like ‘Bob’ in the portal if that makes sense.

But the general consensus is you want to have two different characters, one with a display name and one without.

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Okay I got it. Thank you so much :blob_hearts: :relaxed:

I don’t think you can code your zooms to shake at the same time as a character’s dialogue because you would need to use the ampersand symbol to get the actions to trigger at the same time, but when you’re coding your zooms to shake the screen you need them to be coded with @ so it doesn’t just skip through the shaking.

You can have actions performed at the same time, but not dialogue. e.g.

&CHARACTER 1 is talk_neutral_loop
@zoom on # to #% in 0.1
@zoom on # to #% in 0.1
@zoom on # to #% in 0.1
@zoom on # to #% in 0.1

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Ok. thanks