Coding Assistance Needed

Hi there,
My name is Bree and I am writing a story about the zombie apocalypse. In general, I think I am a very good storyteller but the coding part is where I absolutely struggle. I’m not saying I’m unable to do it but with the caseload of mental health issues I have to carry, the coding adds to the everyday stress. I would be absolutely grateful if someone would be willing to help me code my stories and take that weight off my shoulders. They would be credited as a co-writer and would be able to have creative input as well. If you know of anyone or are willing to take on the position yourself I would be EXTREMELY grateful!
Bree :blush:

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Hey! I would love to help you! Send me the deets if ur interested in my help!


Hey. I’ve reviewed a lot of people’s stories including @/jazzy_05 and helped them improve.
I’d happily help you, just pm me what you need help with and I could help you. If you need some script templates, I’ll do those for you too babe. :heartbeat:

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Hi thank you so much for replying! Sorry I took so long to get back but I would absolutely love the help! I would love to work with both you and tosinx to maybe have support for coding and proofreading. If that sounds good then you can reach me on my Instagram, my user is @ breewrites.episode

Hey, I apologize for the long wait on the reply, I would love to work with you and jazzy_05 to create a system of checking both grammar and coding. Templates would be absolutely helpful! Thank you so much! My Instagram is @ breewrites.episode so if you want to reach out you can do it there as well. :relaxed: