Coding background help!

Does this background loop at all? EXT. FOREST LOOPING - NIGHT
Or am I just coding something wrong lol.

it doesn’t work unfortunately :expressionless:

check this thread, I made an example with this background

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Thank you for this, exact background I needed too lol.
What size/dimensions did you use when you uploaded the background as an overlay?
editmeaning what’s the size before you uploaded it.

it needs to be less than 1MB so it will be smaller than a normal background but you can easily enlarge it using overlay scale tool

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Alrighty I got it,I’ll mess with the sizing later, thank you!:slight_smile:

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@Jeremy @Sydney_H please close this

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in my thread there’s already resized overlay so you can just save it :slight_smile:


Marked as solved and closed. Thanks @Apes!