Coding branches?

Does anyone know how to code important choices with all of them leading to something different happening?

Do you mean have the choices be remembered and leading to different endings or outcomes?

You can use gains, point system, labels, gotos, and if/elif/else to help with that.


Yes, That’s what is what I mean.


Here’s all the different use for these. If you want examples of how it looks let me know!

The point system

You can use this with characters to gain or lose relationship points. Honesty, romance, friendship, enemies…

And what will accompany this is,


This will create the branches for different outcomes.

I need 10 points to go on a date with someone. These are the characters Leon and Blake. The current points I have for each are 8 and 10.

I don’t have enough points to go on a date with Leon.
I’ll go with Blake. On this date I can earn more points, so I’ll gain a closer bond with Blake than Leon.

Labels & Gotos

Can be used when creating different branches that’ll be later used by going to goto. You can also create a branch then goto the previous one you’ve used. You can also use this if you want to create different scenes that a character will go to if they choose a specific choice. By including it in the choice branch.


Gains can be very useful. You can use gain flags to remember which choice a player has picked.

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