Coding Classes at cheap prices!

:wink: Hello everyone! I’m Madhu, an experienced author on Episode for over 3 years and the author of the published stories, Necromancers LL and The Masked Revenant. I have found my way around coding totally inspired by Amber J, author of Scored, The Game and Waking. :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Examples: DM me I will send you scenes from my published and to be released stories!

Here’s the price list:

  • Beginner Class:
  1. The class will contain - Adding backgrounds, learning about zone directing - cut and pan commands, adding and placing characters, how to add animations including walk animation, Using props and filters, adding music and sound - how to increase and decrease them based on seconds too, Scene transition, adding filters and weather effects

  2. This is for the very beginners who have just started writing and having troublesome time in understanding things. I won’t mind how many time you ask me to repeat the things and I will support you however and whenever you want.

  3. The price is only 3$ and I will finish teaching them in one class. Once you join, more details will be sent to you personally.

  • Standard Class:
  1. This class will contain - Revision of the Beginner class for 10 minutes, Character spot direction, Introduction of overlays - placing, opacity, scaling. ease functions, zooming based on a particular timing, adding choices and a brief lesson on branching and point system, placement of speech bubbles, all script commands (explained with an example), message format .

  2. This is for the ones who already know about the things in the beginner class and want to learn the next step. Doubts can be asked anytime and I will answer them live in class.

  3. I charge this class 12$ - two classes will be taken with the topics above, split equally in half.

  • Advanced Class:
  1. This class contains - Detailed classes about overlays usage and various combination of the basic commands in overlay direction that gives an unexpected result, Typed in choices, Timed choices, Tappable overlays, CC commands small revisions, looping background with speeds, more tips and tricks will be taught.

  2. This is for the ones who are already past the level of basic and standard things and want to learn things much more advanced. I will also help you with a difficult scene in your story whenever you direct one, you can dm me and I will help you with it.

  3. I charge 20$ for this class - 4 classes will be taken,

  • Ultra - Advanced Classes:
  1. All the things from Basic, Standard & Advanced will be taught in this class. Tips and tricks will be taught and personalized. I will give visual effects advice as well. Personal teacher just for the option is also available.

  2. This is for all those who are uncomfortable with attending classes with others or just want to know everything in one shot.

  3. I charge 25$ - no of classes depends on the student but min is 4 classes and max in none I will teach you until you understand it all.

Basic Rules for All the classes:

  1. Half payment should be done for Standard, Advanced and Ultra Advanced Classes. Full payment for the Beginner’s class.

  2. Payments accepted through Paypal and Kofi for now. The currency prices vary and you should dm me for more info about it. If you pay by Paypal, paypal fees should be payed from you as well.

  3. Homeworks will be given for every class and make sure to complete them before the next class and send me your progress. I will correct it if there are any mistakes in the codes.

  4. Be kind and treat me as your friend and talk to me about anything. Ask doubts as many times as you can.

  5. You can either have Instagram or Forums or if both, that’s amazing. My Instagram is @sm._.writes and PM at forums to discuss more!

:rotating_light: ALERT! This weekend, there will be a demo class where you can learn anything from me! DM me on Instagram or PM me on forums if you want to join and spread the word! It’s totally free!

(If there’s anything missing, I will add it later!)




Is there any possible free trial lol!!!


Yep i am doing free class this weekend dm me for more info

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How will you do these classes?


By Zoom or google meet by sharing the screen





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