Coding confusion-overlays

Hi I have an overlay I am trying to code. But when I put it into my story and have it just where I want it is showing me this:
@overlay 6351617525022720_DARK_EDGES shifts to -72 210
@overlay 6351617525022720_DARK_EDGES scales to 0.695 0.695

I don’t know how to code that correctly for it to show.
I’ve read a bunch of different articles but it only helps show how to code the scale which should be three numbers and mine is only two.

Also is there a way to get overlays to appear and disappear mid scene?


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I’m not sure about the shifting and scaling but the disappearing can be done by saying “@overlay CAR opacity 0.98 in 2” the level of opacity that it reaches is 1, so anything below 1 in decimal should work.

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To get the overlay to appear mid scene (replace “OVERLAY” with the name of your overlay):
@overlay OVERLAY create
@overlay OVERLAY shifts to -72 210
@overlay OVERLAY scales to .695 .695
@overlay OVERLAY opacity 1
(You can adjust the opacity if you’d like overlays to fade in and out slowly.)

To add the overlay to a background (using the numbers you’ve shown):
BACKGROUND with OVERLAY to .695 -72 210

To remove overlay:
@overlay OVERLAY clear


oooooo YAAAS thank you!

YAYA! So helpful! Thank you! Do you know why it may be giving me 2 #s instead of three?

No problem ! :slight_smile:

It actually has given you three numbers =)
BACKGROUND with OVERLAY to .695 -72 210
Do you see how there are three numbers there? I took that all from what you gave me!
The scale number is the 0.695. (You can make an overlay wider or narrower by adjusting one of those numbers, but by default and in most cases you will keep them both the same).
The x coordinate is -72
The y coordinate is 210


You are a genius I could hug you! I have been frustrated for days over this and you guys fixed it in minutes!

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Hahaha no problem! I learnt a lot from the forums when I first started! They’re very useful :blush:

I also found that next to the shift you have to put in zone _

It will default to zone 1. If you want to change it, you’ll need to specify.
If creating an overlay:
@overlay OVERLAY shifts to x y in zone z
(e.g overlay OVERLAY shifts to -72 210 in zone 2)
Please note: if you then decide to SHIFT this overlay while in zone 2, you’ll need to add 320 to the x coordinate (if this is something you’ll need to do and you don’t understand what I’m going on about, let me know haha).

To specify the zone with a background;


Thank you so much!!!

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