CODING DIAGNOSTICS & TIPS [script editor trouble shooting]


Here you can post any trouble you may encounter in your script editor.

Directing isn’t something that can be learned In a day, but can be understood by everyone, with enough time and determination of course. Starting off the simplistic way is the basis of the more advanced codding like, including background or in some cases foreground characters, camera movements with character movements, and the most annoying…overlays.

Message me on instagram: @tcworld.epy
If you rather chat privately. I’ll see your questions there instantly as apposed to this site.

Original help center I created. May have some helpful stuff there for you as well:Coding Script Editor Classes Coding Error Diagnostics

Sorry I DO NOT hold any classes again because my schedule is ridiculous these days. still ask me on Instagram I may still be able to squeeze you in a couple hours a week.

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