Coding difficulties 😔

What errors did you have whilst writing ur story, and how did you fix them?

When I started, you can say I had all possible errors. :sweat_smile:
I didn’t really know about Dara’s or Joseph’s things, so Episode official tutorials were the only thing for me.
The missing bracket was the most popular and I spent hours trying to figure it out. :exploding_head: :woman_facepalming:t3:

If you need help fixing something, post your code here and community will help!

:sob::sob: idk where I’d be without them, probably not writing

You would survive, it just wouldn’t be that good :sweat_smile:
I can’t even look at my first story :rofl: The directing is sooo bad

Give some time like 1 hr or so in learning to code and then start coding, you’ll be able to do it better…

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I had SO much trouble with tappables when I first started using them! I find that double-checking my script (and sometimes having a second pair of eyes) helps me.