Coding error and I can't figure out what is wrong

I am coding a scene for my story and i says that my background doesn’t exist but I have used it in a previous episode and it works fine there…does anyone know what is wrong?
Also it says that this isn’t a valid command:
@LONDONANDPARIS spot 0.902 238 204
But this is the command I use for all my other characters for where I want them to be positioned just with different spot positions, I don’t understand what is wrong especially seeing as this is the same place as another character is stood off of the screen. And I know it isn’t the position I have put them in as I have tried several spots but it won’t seem to let me?

@LONDON spot 0.902 238 204 AND PARIS spot 0.902 238 204

Turtle_Cat is right. You have to write spot for every character separately.

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That is the name of one character as I wanted it to be so that it looks like two characters say the same thing at the same time and I was told to make a character with both of the names, so it isn’t that. Thanks though :slight_smile:

I still need help with these two issues please!!!