Coding error for hair style

Hey does anyone know why this is happening.

Switch out femaleavatar with your character’s name

remove the } befoe Pixie

Did that

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I did do that did the same.

I just have it like that didn’t want to show my characters name.

Gave me the same message even with my characters name in it

It still didn’t work.

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Huh that’s weird. Let me go check mine and see what’s wrong

Yeah. I just copied and pasted it from my other chapters and it works fine there. Idk.

Yeah you have to remove the } before pixie

I did. Still wouldn’t work.

First thing I thought of actually lol

That’s odd :face_with_monocle:. I honestly don’t know what it could be then

Same. It’s probably an error before I added it. Prob something in my script in general