Coding error help needed! *solved*

Hi so my character isn’t doing an action, and I have tried for the last hour to fix it but have come no closer to fixing it. She isn’t doing the last action and I don’t know why?

That’s my script below

&COP walks to spot 0.983 131 130 in 4 AND COP is run_neutral
&zoom on 761 323 to 293% in 4
@pause for 4
@COP starts run_fall

Yet, I am not getting a error or anything! Anyway if someone knows why please help, thanks!

I think you need to put @pause for x after the animation:
@COP starts run_fall
@pause for x

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okay I will try :slight_smile:


it didn’t work

what did you put?

@pause for 3

I have figured it out! thanks anyway!

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oh, you’re welcome!

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