Coding Error HELP

This keeps on happening to me and I cant preview my story on the web previewer :confused:

Here are the screenshots of the code

This overlay is in review. After they approved your overlay this error will disappear.

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I’m not talking about the error on the side in red, I’m talking about this one.

I cant even preview it, but I should be able to. Do you know how to help?

One of your inputs is invalid. You can try separating your code, between the portal and an external document, so you can find out exactly which one it is.

track your order so you can find the error

First you put label gif_loop
Then you put goto gif_loop

First you put label start_episode
Then you put goto start_episode

First you have to use label command then goto command

You can try this and see

I think it might just be an error from the portal. It happens sometimes and it doesn’t necessarily have a link with your coding. Have you tried to refresh the page? If you do that, do you still get this error?

Okay so I looked at your screenshots and from what I can see:

You coded your introduction to be on a loop with the label and goto which means you can’t move forward in your script.

You coded all your overlays with “&” which means they are going to happen at the same as the next command. That command is your goto so that might be a little too much information at the same time for the previewer hence why you would keep getting this error.


this is not true - you can have first goto and label uder it I use it all the time.

on all lines where you have opacity command use @

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