Coding error neeed help!

So the things that I have circled here is the error but I’ve typed the code above it and I don’t know how to fix this problem bc I have never had a problem with this before


I think you forgot to add space after typing NARRATOR

I’ve done that and when I do that it does this:

You need to add a space on all of them, not just the last one

Every time I do that it does the image up above

After that night, my family was never the same.
My brother was just so angry at the world. He was withdrawn and couldn't understand why god took our grandmother from us.
My father threw himself into work. He even took up a new hobby, drinking.

She meant to do what you did on the last line where you put the space after NARRATOR to all the previous ones. It still shows an error because the top ones are not fixed.

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You could try this too
Instead of putting NARRATOR (VANESSA) repeatedly, you could do it the way I did. (New sentences in the next line; do not continue in one btw)


Thank you guys that really helped me out


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