Coding error! Please help :)

Could anybody help? I’m trying to create a scene with a label where the MC casually walks out of the scene but for some reason it won’t let me and I’m kind of confused. What am I doing wrong?

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Is it because of the error? Could you show the line where the error is?

Hey, can you post a ss of where the error is.

On line 84, I think it should be:

label outofkitchen instead of label_outofkitchen (note the space instead of the underscore)

This means that line 78 should be:

goto outofkitchen instead of goto label_outofkitchen (the label part isn’t used when calling upon it)

I hope this helps.

Sorry for late response I didn’t see the replies! I’ve already done that though. Here’s a ss of the error line:

Here’s the ss of the error:

No. You can’t use _ with labels. Use: label outofkitchen

When using goto, don’t use word label. Write: goto outofkitchen

Thank you so much it finally worked! Thank youu :slight_smile:

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