Coding Error Plz Help

Can anyone please help

choice [shouldPaginate: YES]
“Mature Round”{
@FEMALEAVATAR changes eyebrows into Mature Round
goto fem_brows1
}“Seductive Arch”{
@FEMALEAVATAR changes eyebrows into Seductive Arch
goto fem_brows1
} “Done”{
goto female_custom1

Idk what is going on but the error is saying that Mature Round Eyebrows don’t exist

You may need to change the ‘@FEMALEAVATAR’ to your character’s name. Highlight FEMALEAVATAR in your script, then do CTRL+F (or Cmd+F for Mac). A small grey box pops up in the right hand corner, click the ALL button in that. Then, type in your characters name, in all caps. That’ll replace all the FEMALEAVATARs into whatever your character is called.


TYSM :grinning:

You’re welcome :heart:

What does shouldPaginate mean?

It talks about it here: New Skin Tones and Updated Search

According to this thread, " This command will take a choice that has more than 6 options and automatically create pages for it. You can use this command anywhere in your scripts you want to have multiple choice pages.

We hope that this will allow you to also in the future have an easier time creating choices with a lot of options! " - Quote

choice [shouldPaginate: YES] is basically a really cool command (you can get those little arrows at the bottom)

Oh, that’s how you do that, thanks.