Coding Error spot directing?

My character is supposed to be in the background by the microwave oven. I had used the little visual side tool to place her with spot directing. However, each time I preview it, the character stays in the left… and I have no idea why my other character is tiny… (She’s not supposed to be in the scene yet, I was using her for a pause button to fix the editing)

How can I fix this?

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It’s probably because you used:
@HUNTER spot …
@HUNTER stands …

Eliminate the second command.

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Oh my gosh thank you. I was overthinking it and didn’t even realize.

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No problem:)

@molly247 is right, eliminate the second command like they have stated.

As well, characters will appear when they talk. So because your character wasn’t on screen or even offscreen, she appeared randomly when it reached her dialogue.

I personally use:


Instead of a character to avoid the issue.

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Oh, thank you so much for the tip love! :blob_hearts: I’ll have to use that instead. My way is definitely messy.

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