Coding error to many values to unpack

Hi! so I am trying to do a edgy/dramatic scene but it says to many values to upack

EXT.CB06 with effect LIGHT RAIN

&overlay POLE create
&overlay POLE shifts to 0 0
&overlay POLE scales to 1.000 1.000
&overlay POLE opacity 1 in 0
&overlay POLE moves to layer 7

&overlay SIDE create
&overlay SIDE shifts to 0 0
&overlay SIDE scales to 1.000 1.000
&overlay SIDE opacity 1 in 0
&overlay SIDE moves to layer 5

&MC spot 0.935 280 28 in zone 1 AND MC faces left AND MC moves to layer 4

&CREWMATE TWO spot 0.789 235 311 AND CREWMATE TWO is tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear AND CREWMATE TWO faces left AND CREWMATE TWO moves to layer 6
@transition fade in white in 0.5

@zoom on 320 448 to 274% in 1

Come on storm!
I'm not losing you like this, so don't you | animation:shuffle-sideways:3 | dare | reset | die on me tonight.

@zoom reset

@pause for a beat

@MC walks to 0.935 286 155 in zone 1 in 3 AND MC faces left AND MC is hug_neutral_pose

@CREWMATE TWO walks to 0.789 97 303 in zone 1 in 2 AND CREWMATE TWO faces right AND CREWMATE TWO is walk_neutral_backward_loop

^ You forgot the word spot.

^ Here as well.


Thankyou so much! I am so daft sometimes LOL.