Coding Help Again - Zoom to zone 2

Hi All,

I am in a bit of a pickle with another scene again - It’s a party scene.

  1. So, the scene starts with moving the camera from zone 1 to zone 2 to show all the characters (guests) in the party but zoomed in a bit.
    code: &zoom on 46 0 to 191% in 0
    &zoom on 1687 0 to 127% in 4

  2. I want to zoom again at the same speed back to zone 1.
    code: &zoom on 896 0 to 191% in 4

The issue here is that when I play the scene, the camera doesn’t completely goes to zone 2 and it kind of comes back to zone 1 from the mid, and it starts playing the next step i.e. zooming on a character for dialogs.

I don’t understand why this is happening. Could anybody please help me?

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Try using &pan to zone 2 in 4. Then, &pan to zone 1 in 4. The issue you’re facing is due to you focusing from zone to zone without actually changing zones. So, the zone will stay the same zone as you began with.

I agree with you that this could be because I am not defining the zones. However, I tried using @pan at first but it goes all the way beyond zone 2. It looks like half of my screen with the background and the other half black. Could be because my background might not be a two zone but 1.5 zone.? :sweat_smile: Also, I want to zoom in a bit as my characters look really tiny if I don’t.

Any other recommendations on how could I play the scene?

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Do you mind copying and pasting your code here or send me a PM and I can try to fix it?

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Just replace where it says zoom to zone # make it say pan to zone #

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I have send you a PM with the codes.

Let me know if you got it. I am very new here. Hope you got it.

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No its not working with @pan. Not the way I want the scene to play.

I got it! I’ll work on it later on today. It’s late where I am and I should really be sleeping

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No problem!

Will wait. :slightly_smiling_face:

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