Coding help. (All appreciated)

Hi everyone. I’m not sure what’s wrong with my account, but makes it had to code. I’ll list some of the problems below, comment any help you have. Thanks


  • If I do to much “advanced” coding or zooms, it completely stops.
  • Also, it yells at me if I have more than three characters on screen at a time
  • Went about two years without sound (until June ‘20)
  • I can report it all I want, they won’t do anything about it (*submit a ticket)

Um, I have no idea of what’s wrong here, but it’s maybe the internet, or maybe your device is full in the storage (is that correct?? That’s how you should say it in my language) or maybe it’s an old model and therefore is the directing system a bit tricky and “too much”?? :thinking: :woman_shrugging:

I used to direct on a older computer and it was a bit tricky and it was very slow. Now I’m directing on a new computer and I don’t have any problems, and I’m trying to not get the storage full.

I hope you understand what I meant, if not just ask! :blush: :wink:

Don’t know if this will work but try

  1. Restart your device in which ur coding

  2. Check ur internet connection

  3. Minimize the amount of tabs when u write ur story (if u usually open a lot of tabs while coding)

  4. If nothing works…then create a whole different account and create the story. Then, cut and paste your story from the old account into the new account. Later, Make all the necessary changes

Hope it helps…

Oop, I tried that before, still doesn’t work. :pensive:

maybe you have a virus? mine was doing the same and I restarted it then it worked fine.

My computer is only about three years old…

Maybe use a a different web browser or u can try writing ur story in incognito mode in any of the web browsers,


Hmm, I’m not sure. That does pop up sometimes. But then I restart + the same thing.

A new browser (Chromium) fixed my sound issue

I really wish I could help. Hope you find a solution! Keep trying with the episode tickets and I’m sure that you’re gonna figure something out. :relaxed:

I’ll try that, thanks. :pray:t2::slight_smile:

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