Coding Help- Character wont stay in animation!

Hey! Can anybody help me with this coding problem? There is no error, but the guy character is sliding into the frame and once they get to the spot where I want them to go the girl character no longer stays in the (sleep_sit_neutral_loop) animation.

This is my script:

and this is what the preview looks like:

Thank you to whoever can help me!
xo, Luca :butterfly:

Ok the part where you have written ‘does it while’ is the problem I guess but I am not fully sure so try changing it to is/starts. If this doesn’t work then I am sure other members who will see this will be able to help you.

use @ LIAM this will not make the character slide

I think this has to do with the fact that you assigned to animations to Liam and Dakota. (See lines 125 - 128):

&LIAM walks to spot 1.091 176 66 in zone 1 AND LIAM does it while walks_box_neutral_loop
&DAKOTA walks to spot 0.978 131 114 in zone 1 AND DAKOTA faces right AND DAKOTA does it while sleep_sit_neutral_loop AND DAKOTA moves to layer 2

@.LIAM is idle_box_carry_neutral_loop AND DAKOTA is sleep_sit_neutral_loop

Because of the “&” symbols in lines 125 and 126, Liam and Dakota are going to be doing both of their assigned animations at once (Dakota doing sleep_sit_neutral_loop twice while “walking” and Liam doing the walk and idle versions of box_neutral_loop). Then, after the character’s walks have finished, they don’t have an animation to play and therefore will appear idle.

To fix this, you just need to change the “&” on line 126 into an “@” symbol. I hope this helps.

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After your code add the animations again –

x code THEN LIAM is animation AND DAKOTA is animation

@June_Sinclair @Angryybirdd @TristanArciera @Zeah
Thank you this really helped!!


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