Coding help! eye blinking overlay

@cut to zone 2
@overlay EYETOP create
@overlay EYETOP opacity 1
&overlay EYETOP shifts to 251 212 in zone 1 in 0
&overlay EYETOP scales to 1.954 1.954 in 0
&overlay EYETOP moves to layer 1

@overlay EYEBOTTOM create
@overlay EYEBOTTOM opacity 1
&overlay 5502605268156416_EYEBOTTOM shifts to 247 -58 in zone 1
&overlay 5502605268156416_EYEBOTTOM scales to 2.260 2.260
@overlay 5502605268156416_EYEBOTTOM moves to layer 2

@overlay EYETOP shifts to 274 208 in 2 using easeout AND overlay EYEBOTTOM shifts to 212 -123 in 2 using easeout
@overlay EYETOP shifts to 269 313 in 2 using easeout AND overlay EYEBOTTOM shifts to 257 -241 in 2 using easeout

I coded it and although it works when it begins “blinking” it slides on the screen instead of being in the place I put it

Do you mean it slides out from 0 0 or that it just moves a little? Because you are using a relatively large shift for the last commands (ex. 247 -58 to 212 -123)

I did notice that your last set of commands doesn’t have a zone specified, maybe that’s why?

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